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Visual FoxPro Help Wanted


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As you probably know, there are thousands of FoxPro and Visual FoxPro applications in existence worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Many of the owners of these programs believe that somehow their programs will no longer work in a few years! Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember the same talk about Fox for DOS? In my opinion, and any many others who know what they are talking about, Visual FoxPro 9 will be alive and well 10 or even 20 years from now.

Many of these same owners believe that they can no longer find Visual FoxPro programmers to support their systems. There are thousands of such programmers but they are not easily found these days.

The purpose of this site is to find highly qualified Visual FoxPro programmers in as many locations as possible and make them available to local customers.

We need Visual FoxPro experts to be available to work on site for some of our customers.

We are seeking those who have at least 10,000 hours of FoxPro and Visual FoxPro experience. The work involves complete conversions from legacy FoxPro to Visual FoxPro 9 as well as running the old code (where possible), under Visual FoxPro 9. Experience in both of these areas are a definite plus but if you are really good in only one of them, please apply.

If you have regularly attended Fox Conferences, all the better.

We are also seeking experts in converting FoxPro and Visual FoxPro to .NET.

We are contacted by businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada for help with their legacy FoxPro systems. We are now in the process of finding FoxPro experts who can assist customers in their localities.

In addition, we are seeking FoxPro experts to do sub-contract work for customers not requiring local support.

If we select you, we will feature you on one of our web pages once you have proven yourself.

You will need to provide us with:

- excellent references who are still using your services

- a description of some of the work you have done

- your formal education as well as any certificates or awards you have

- your availability (i.e. full time, part-time, etc.),

- whether you can provide support during the regular work day

-number of Fox conferences you have attended

- a signed agreement not to work directly for any customers we refer you to

- your hourly rate

We also convert Foxbase, Clipper, and dBase to Visual FoxPro or .NET.

In addition, we convert Vision Point SBT7 to Visual FoxPro.

Here are a few advantages to you:

1. Billable work you would not otherwise have

2. Ability to get new work if you have an established company behind you (when I first started, many times I did not get work because I was not an established company).

3. Access to others if you need some time off and need backup.

4. You will help in keeping Visual FoxPro a viable platform because ERW will provide a large number of readily available programmers for those companies who love Fox but thought they could not find a reliable source of programmers.